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I should probably do a big ol' squeel post about the last... what was it, seven or so episodes I watched? Let's see, we had that last three parter at the end of Season 4, the Christmas special, the Waters of Mars, and then the End of Time parts 1 & 2.

Recap, recap, recap. )
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 Oooh, what an Ood-rich episode! I liked the Ood before but this episode only cemented my fondness for them. Maybe it's their voice... or their caring nature when Satan isn't possessing them or humans are cutting off their hind brains. So needless to say... )
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 Shortly after the beginning credits ran and I was squeeling over Karen Gillan being in the episode, my phone rang. It was my Daniel and his flight was canceled. He won't be coming home until this Tuesday. I almost didn't go back to watch the rest of the episode but figured if anything was going to make me feel better, it was going to be Doctor Who.

Donna was hitting me with those one-liners... )
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 I'd like to start this entry off on a personal note before recapping. Tomorrow, my main squeeze, man piece, boyfriend, partner, whatever you want to call him (though I'm a big fan of the first two) comes home from Italy. He has been there since the last week of August and I haven't seen him in two months. I've missed him dreadfully, particularly with such a rough semester this fall. To finally have him back and be my point of focus, the person to keep things in perspective for me... it's going to be fantastic. :) Also, I'm typing this on a brand new spankin' laptop because I have an amazing extended family.

Now! Partners in Crime. :) )
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Just in time for the holidays!!

First thought... is that a new theme? )
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  HECK YES! And for those who are curious: Chocolate stout doesn't taste much like chocolate. But it's still delicious. Mmm, calories.

Three-parter end of S3 )


Dec. 12th, 2010 12:04 pm
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 I was going to just have this recap be, "Stephen Moffat: You're a genius." but there were some lines that HAD to be reposted.

Wibbly wobbly, timey wimey )
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 I've been on a kick recently, haven't I? Well. To sort of defend myself, after watching 42 (which was bloody brilliant), I was too pumped to not watch a second. And that one ended in a cliff hanger and I couldn't very well just leave it at that! So... three episodes last night. Another three tonight? ...Maybe. But before I do that, I must reflect on these three.

It's not as long as it looks! I just have more pictures in this one... )
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Yay!! Finally an episode I like! I like Ten and I really like Martha but I was not digging some of those story lines going on there... But yay! Made up for it! 

Start of the episode and the Doctor is taking her home? ...Damn. )


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 I've been good about keeping series-relevant icons with my recaps... but I wanted to use my new icon. So there.
On to the recaps!!

You know the drill. )

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 Wow, these episodes were SO good. Okay, first, Army of Ghosts.

Recappiness )

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 Yesterday I saw Fear Her. Recap (plus relevant picture!) and Moff tease (with picture) )
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 To celebrate the 47th birthday of Doctor Who, I watched another episode of Ten. I know, nothing special but at least it was something. :)

I loved this episode. )



Nov. 22nd, 2010 11:57 pm
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 So, uh, I just got a one month free trial of Netflix for the sole purpose of streaming Doctor Who onto my laptop.

Doctor who is turning out to be more expensive than I originally would have thought back in April...

Just finished The Satan Pit from Season 2. I know, I know, haven't been nearly as faithful with TENnant recaps as I was with Nine. Long story short, I'm really fond of Ten. He does lovely things with his face when he talks (juts the lower jaw out, shows all of his teeth, bulges his eyes out) and has great syncopation when he speaks, which I do enjoy a lot. He makes a great Doctor. :D I've seen Ten episodes before but to see him progress along in the series like this is lovely.

Even though I was trying my hardest to not ship Ten/Rose, I'm afraid I'm starting to go down that dark, dark alley... 11/Amy will always by my OTP, though. Foreverz. (After Doctor/TARDIS, of course.) But the hug at the end. And the whole "Tell Rose... tell her... Oh, she knows." And again with the hug. N'aw... It's hard not to ship something like that. But it's almost like platonic love... Maybe 'cause I don't get the sizzle feeling I get from 11/Amy...?

Sorry, I'm half-drunk, typing up about scifi romance. I'm calling it a night.

Hm, I'm going to have to find a Ten icon...

Also, score one point to LJ for having "drunk" as mood with a throwing-up smiley.

It came!!!

Nov. 9th, 2010 11:54 am
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Today I got in the mail the Season 5 DVD!! I have to be at my internship in less than an hour so I'll be brief while pizza is heating  up...
Spoilers for "Meanwhile in the TARDIS" clips )
I'm sorry, there's an unnecessary amount of capital letters in this blog post... I'll be watching the other special clips including the cut Confidentials at a later time... and of course, rewatching all the episodes again. :p

In other news, I watched a couple of Tennant episodes with a buddy of mine Sunday Night. My favorite out of the ones we watched was the one where Ten meets Madame de Pompadour. It was very.... not "reminiscent" because it happened later, but it reminded me of how Amy met the Doctor a bit. Not to that extreme, but still. I'm not sure if I'll get a chance to do another Doctor Day with my buddy as I think I may have scared him away with my enthusiasm, but we'll see. :)


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