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I just sent my Mom my Christmas list and explained to her that she would have to go onto amazon.co.uk to get the Downtown Abbey. She said she had never done it before, didn't feel comfortable having her money converted, a bunch of other lame excuses, and probably wouldn't get it. I asked her to let me know if she wasn't going to get it so I could buy it myself. Downtown Abbey is something I've heard got great reviews, beat out Sherlock for the mini series category in a recent awards show, and was highly recommended by my friend currently in Wales. Mom said she wouldn't get it so I promptly went on amazon.

And ooh, there are a couple other DVDs I've been meaning to buy. Certain Matt Smith DVDs... I already have Christopher and His Kind but I wanted Party Animals (even though YouTube provided me with the episodes) and wanted to check out Ruby in the Smoke for a double Who actor whammy. Just as I was checking out, I was told that Party Animals could not be shipped to me. ...What?? But Downtown Abbey and Ruby in the Smoke can? And it was the cheapest of the DVDs, too!! I removed the DVD and continued on with my order. Maybe I can have it shipped to my friend in Wales and give her the mulas to have it shipped to me...? That might get complicated. Bah. I really wanted it. 

In other news, I forgot to post pictures from Philcon! I didn't take any of myself 'cause I wasn't in cosplay, but I did find these two and then the extra treat at the bottom! :)

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