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I'm having the most fabulous nerdy Friday ever. It started late last night when I stayed until until 1:30am, reading a time travel romance that I read about ten or more years ago. They're short teen reads (DON'T JUDGE ME) that are just darling.

This morning I watched some home videos from my high school marching band competitions (meeemoriiiieees) and positively flailed when the guard was right on time or I caught my saber or completely rocked my solo, etc.

I then watched this new ABC series called Once Upon a Time. I remember seeing a commercial for it a couple weeks ago and went, "huh, that seems like a Kate story." I watched the first episode on Hulu and enjoyed it. I'm not 100% sucked in, but I'll definitely watched the next three episodes over the course of this long weekend (yeah, Thanksgiving holiday!).

This got me in the mood to read my Doctor Who comics, the Fairy Tale saga. I've been meaning to get into Eleventy's comics and it turns out that my best friend's mother has been keeping up with all the releases and has let me borrow all of them. I'm talking twenty or so releases are at my disposal. So I read the mini series and enjoyed it. Some themes are over-played (the Doctor saying something is cool or using the phrase "Geronimo") but not enough to deter me from reading the other releases.

I will also be seeing my new friend in nerdery tonight. I met her at the Philcon last Saturday and we went to several pannels together and had really interesting chats in between. We'll be double-dating, complete with playing games and doing the getting-to-know-you conversations. Should be a good time. :) She's invited Dan and me to play D&D to her. While I am tempted to increase my nerd cred, I've never been terribly big on role playing games. Or heck, any sort of gaming. I tried D&D way back when (I'm talking close to 15 years ago) and didn't last too long in it. I suppose I'm more of a passive fangirl.

For those who celebrate it, I hope your Thanksgiving went well and that you're doing/did the smart thing and stayed indoors for Black Friday. For those who don't celebrate and didn't have off from obligations, I hope your weekend goes well. :)
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