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I'm gonna stop watching this show.


True Blood

Sep. 4th, 2011 09:56 pm
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Everyone in this show has been dealt the short end of the stick. Except for Terri Belfeur. Who has fucking PTSD. What does that tell you?

Season finale next weekend. D: Last Double Nerd Weekend for me. sigh.
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I just haven't posted anything in AGES. ...like, holy shit, nearly four weeks. What the hell, life? Getting in way of my fandom squees?

Mallorca was gorgeous, the sky is blue, yadda yadda. True Blood is getting better with every episode. The Phillies are kicking some fucking ass lately. Did you guys catch Cliff Lee's home run the other night? I laughed. Like, out loud, laughed. Then yesterday morning I saw Captain America. And I nearly laughed when I saw the Dream Lord come on the screen. OH DOCTOR WHO. YOU ARE CONSTANTLY IN MY BRAIN AND IN MY LIFE.

Speaking of Who, saw the trailers and WHOA. They didn't get me nearly as shit-myself-from-excitement like that first trailer for S6 did. You know, with the epic music and shit. But it was still really, really exciting. I don't even know which episode I'm looking forward to the most. As a matter of fact, the episode I'm probably least looking forward to (surprisingly) is Let's Kill Hitler, even if it's Matt Smith's favorite episode.

Bring it on, Moffat.
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 I've forgotten the luxury of having readily available cable TV at home and not having to go through the HORRIBLE PROCESS of streaming episodes. This is so painful. After many broken links and streams that wouldn't load, I finally found one but got about 7 minutes in when it stopped. WHATEVER, I'll just find another one. The next one I got about 17 minutes in and it stopped. GAAAHHH And it was RIGHT when Eric pops out of the pond in his naked glory!! This one I'm trying to let it load in advance but I'm so impatient! ;_;

Only spoilery if you've lived under a rock (character appearance), but just in case... )
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I feel like I'm going through nerd withdrawal.

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So tonight was the season finale. :-( Probably for the best, considering this annoying school thing going on that insists on interrupting my fandom. Highlights...

"Watch your fucking language!" )

In other news:

You do realize, Doctor, that I find white dress shirts on men to be /extremely/ attractive, right?

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From the most current Rolling Stone magazine, True Blood was featured... with a very bloody and very naked picture of Alexander Skarsgård, Anna Paquin, and Stephen Moyer on the front cover. I did a lot of fanning of myself and exclaiming out loud and such. However! There is this one bit that made me laugh out loud and blush:

Click for naughtiness. )
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I finally saw Inception today. Great movie, particularly from a psychology stand-point. I wouldn't mind seeing it again, either in the theatres or when it comes out on HBO or DVD. But I don't quite understand why there's such a big fandom following after it... Maybe I'm like that about movies in general. Of course, there's exceptions like the Harry Potter series where it's based off of the books or Star Wars where there's six movies to follow the characters, but a singular movie...? Not too sure. It was a brilliant movie, either way. Had that whole Truman Show/Matrix thing going about which viewers tend to eat up.
Tonight I will be missing the finale of True Blood to be social with my family. Gosh, two weeks in a row I won't be catching it on the original air time. I'm itching to see where they take this, click for spoiler ). I finished the 9th book of the Sookie Stackhouse novels two nights ago so I only have the one left... that's still in hard back and $25. Ugh, I'm so cheap. haha Maybe I should check out Amazon.

*EDIT*...Oooor they won't be showing the season finale because of Labor Day. :( Next weekend...?
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Stolen from [livejournal.com profile] seren_ccd .

Wana know my favorite actor? Band? Nah, I didn't think so. )
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Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] canadian_turtle , I was able to download the Sherlock pilot episode. The basic story line stayed the same, yet there were some significant differences. I won't go through them all, but I will go through what I liked and didn't like compared to the first official episode.
After the crime scene where they found the lady in pink... )
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*high school American football game flashback* Whew, remember when I could play those notes? No, of course you don't.
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This past Sunday I was doing sociable things and didn't watch True Blood until Monday afternoon. And boy, what a treat that was.
The episode was effin' amazing, as always. )
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First off, WOOHOO, GAY AGENDA!! )
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Well, naturally, we have another jaw-dropping, nail-biting episode of True Blood. This season has been stellar. This particular episode hasn't been as edge-of-your-seat as the previous four or so, but it was still bloody (HA!) awesome.

Recap! )


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