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There are no spoilers in this entry.

I go to Doctor Who TV for basically all of my up-to-date Who news. They're generally good about not showing OMG spoilers, but they will post the teasers and set pictures & etc, always behind cuts. I saw the title, "Series 6 Final More Details" and figured it was just some teasers.

I read the first one and went, "Well, that's a bit spoilery." I read the second one and went, "That's spoilery, too." By the third one, I had to hit the back button! Sure, we'll probably understand these all within the first ten minutes of the episode (which is why I read three of them), but still!

I will have to say, though... HA!! THOUGHT SO! Though that third one I didn't expect.

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Spoilerrrrs! )
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And a quote from Doctor Who TV (slight spoiler warning for those who are speculating!)

It's summed up by Karen Gillian, )
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I'm really starting to get ticked off by people's lack of consideration of those who want to avoid spoilers.

Cut for ranty-ness, NOT spoilers. )


Mar. 30th, 2011 03:49 pm
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LJ was down when I had the full-frontal of squee due to the trailer. I was still buzzing for a good half hour... maybe an hour after the trailer. But now after my drive to campus and FINALLY getting back on LJ... I'd like to say that I can think my clearly but now my head just feels like mush. SO. MANY. POSSIBILITIES. I can't even begin to speculate. I read one LJer say that it was a particularly good trailer because it hyped you up without revealing much of anything. And the music. THAT CHORAL MUSIC. guh. This was my initial reaction which I was forced to post on Tumblr:


Spoilers... )


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I have my own personal rule that if someone in my family leaves themselves logged into Facebook on the "public" computer in the living room, I will bomb their status. Like, for my vegetarian sister... )

In other news: If I want to more or less stomp out spoilers for myself... should I stop using Tumblr?
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Tumblr tells me that John Simm has been confirmed to make an appearance next season, but only to regenerate. I checked all my normal spoiler spots and have seen jack. Not Harkness, but... oh, you know what I mean. The latest news is the return of James Corden.
Anyone else hear this?

Btw, the link isn't to my Tumblr; when I tried to reblog it, it got all funny...
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 On my own free will, I have held myself back from watching the leaked unseen scenes from S5. You know, the ones EVERYONE AND THEIR MOTHER have been posting and squeeing over? Heck, I just saw TRANSCRIPTS for the scenes. I've been purposely going out of my way to avoid any sort of spoilers, but even then I had a bit spoiled to me. On the Tumblr Blog MattSmithsHair there was an animated gif click for spoiler ) IT'S JUST WHAT I WANTED FROM THAT SCENE AND NOW IT'S SPOILED FOR ME. jagklnarjgvnasrgblhraelgh

I feel like I'm missing out on most of the squeeing because I'm holding off. :( Who's with me?
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Check out this link. My reaction? A sort of moan/laugh. I really shouldn't Doctor Who right before going to bed... now I'm all jittery and shit.


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