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Hokay. So. We're watching Let's Kill Hitler (he put it on, not me!). And we get to the bit where the Nazis shoot at River. She blows them away with her regeneration energy and Dad gives me the bug eyes. I say, "Yeah, I know, that's kick ass." (in the background, we hear River say her line, "Never shoot at a girl who's regenerating)

He responds, "But what if you shoot at a boy who's regenerating?"

I go something like, "....................O_O"

Theories welcome. Including shooting (HA!) holes into this one.
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I went and looked at the promo pics for The Wedding of River Song...breaking down after only a day. I know I'm not spoiled to hell but now I got the theories churning around in my head. SPOILERS AND SPECULATION UNDERNEATH CUT.

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Thursday. Location: Home
Main Squeeze: My graduation party is going to interfere with your Doctor Who day.
Me: What do you mean? It's not going to interfere.
Dad: She's going to watch it, anyway.
Me: I'm going to watch it, anyway.

Yeah, I snuck away to watch the episode I downloaded. Though I did wait until after everyone ate their dinner! That's why I haven't written my recap until now. SO! Without further ado:

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 "Never ignore a coincidence. Unless you're busy, then always ignore a coincidence."

I have no speculation as to what this may mean, just wanted to bring something to people's attention if they have not yet noticed this.

Slightly spoilery images for up to episode 5 of Season Six. ))

So... thoughts?


Mar. 30th, 2011 03:49 pm
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LJ was down when I had the full-frontal of squee due to the trailer. I was still buzzing for a good half hour... maybe an hour after the trailer. But now after my drive to campus and FINALLY getting back on LJ... I'd like to say that I can think my clearly but now my head just feels like mush. SO. MANY. POSSIBILITIES. I can't even begin to speculate. I read one LJer say that it was a particularly good trailer because it hyped you up without revealing much of anything. And the music. THAT CHORAL MUSIC. guh. This was my initial reaction which I was forced to post on Tumblr:


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My Dad has been on disability the past month or so and has, therefore, been watching a lot of television. BBC America has been a favorite and he’s been noticing a trend:

Primeval just wrapped up with its season finale.

Being Human just aired its third episode and they usually have eight episodes in a season.

WHICH MEANS if this trend follows and Doctor Who starts the weekend after Being Human finishes, we should have new episodes the weekend of April 16th(!!!!!).
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 The base code of the universe. The day Amy and Rory marry. Why so important? Why why why?

And then a thought hit me that maybe some Classic fans can sort for me: The Time War, when the Doctor came and ended it all, etc, etc. Do we know when that took place? Or is it some Time Lordy nonsense where it couldn't take place during a certain time since... I dunno, they're Time Lords or whatevs. 
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Something has been bothering me recently... I keep thinking about that damn foreshadowing from Moff (refer to previous entry) and am trying to get a look inside the Doctor's head... what has he noticed that we have not??
And then I think about the duck pond. )


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