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I was able to find the second parter on YouTube-- if anyone wants the link, let me know!

Spoilers! )

I'm glad I was able to see this to hold me over until Christmas; those short little clips of interviews haven't been doing much to fill in my Matt Smith void. hahah 

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 Lemme do the disclaimer and say that this was the first episode of SJS that I've ever seen. Ever. The US only got the first season some time ago and I suppose it didn't do so well because it hasn't been brought back (on a related note: Torchwood in the States has done much better).

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Can't wait for more Matt Smith goodness tomorrow! If anyone runs across an online streaming of it, send it my way! :)
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Italy was amazing. Great scenery, great food, and great company. :) I had some cheesy Doctor Who moments:
Dan (the main squeeze whom I was visiting) pointed out there's a waiter wearing a bow tie. I responded, "Bow ties are cool."
Dan suggested I have a boyfriend back home and I said without missing a beat, "Matt Smith." Dan responded something to the effect that at least Doctor Who never leaves me.
Saw van Gogh being advertised and snickered to myself.
Spotted a pair of braces in a dark cranberry color and strongly suggested to Dan he buy them. And a matching fitted shirt with a tweed jacket. I don't think he's terribly opposed... Gosh, I sound like Amy when she made Rory dress up as the Doctor. HAHA
There were others but I don't remember them completely. I think at once point I tried to get Dan to say, "That's extremely very not good", but he wasn't quite getting it...

In other news, I'm listening to a preview of the two disc Season Five sountrack (Click to listen). I. Am. Loving it. Though I wonder, how much will I really listen to it if I buy it...? Would I really sit down, throw it up on my iPod and get all giggly like I am now? Maybe. I've listened to instrumental soundtracks before, good fuel for fantasies and the like. I'll have to think about purchasing this one. On a similar note, I'm a bit concerned how I can pair the tracks up with certain scenes, click on the other tab and find out I am correct (i.e. Just heard one and thought, "This sounds like when Amy first got in the TARDIS." I check the track name, and sure enough, "Amy in the TARDIS."). This stuff really is magical... I think that's why I really liked this season. A perfect mix of scifi and fantasy.
I got an e-mail from Amazon who said that they're having trouble finding the Brilliant Book of Doctor Who. I responded, saying that they could take the extra time though if I'm messaged again, I think I'll cancel the order.

Also: Anyone know where I could watch Sarah Jane Adventures online? My usual sources aren't working. :(


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