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I can't remember if I've gone out of my way to say thank you to everyone who has written reviews, reported the user and the stories, and just been supportive through all of this. So I just wanted... to say... I love you! Wait, no, well, actually yes, but thank you. :)

As presents, I have uploaded various images that I have either a) screen capped myself or b) stolen from the interwebs. They are presented without comment for your complete viewing pleasure. I call it: The Picspam of Unforgivable Sexual Frustration. Apologies for the lack of Alex and Arthur.
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 "Never ignore a coincidence. Unless you're busy, then always ignore a coincidence."

I have no speculation as to what this may mean, just wanted to bring something to people's attention if they have not yet noticed this.

Slightly spoilery images for up to episode 5 of Season Six. ))

So... thoughts?
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(warning: gif heavy. Also, silliness ahead)

Edit: My gifs are going a bit wonky. And I don't have the patience to re-upload them sooooo yeah.

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To the man with the most generic name in the whole wide world (though probably not, I imagine there's a John Doe or a Joe Schmoe out there): HAPPY BIRTHDAY! And to celebrate, I bring you randomly ganked images off of the world wide web. All credits go to the respective places from which they were initially ganked.

Mini Pic Spam )

Small pic spam as I don't own the images and don't want to step on anyone's toes... there are other ones that I have saved but they've been clearly edited by someone and I don't want to repost without permission. Hope you enjoyed my first mini pic spam.


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