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 I think I meant to post this entry, oh, I dunno, six months ago. But this has been a crazy year and so here are those pictures finally. We had a theme of traveling (so passport lookalike invitations, flowers made out atlas pages, place cards that looked like postcards, etc) and our colors were red and yellow. My look that day was somewhat inspired by Amy's wedding dress (wore my red apple necklace and had red shoes).
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Dec. 18th, 2013 11:22 am
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 I just had a phone interview with a recruiter for basically my dream job. It's working with female survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault in an outpatient setting. It's more money than I was making in my last job, a close-knit and positive working environment, room for promotion, a PENSION!! (which is basically an extinct animal these days), and in a beautiful town that I used to live in. I MEAN. WHERE ARE WE GOING WRONG HERE. I've never been so excited about a job before. The phone interview went really well. The recruiter said that she's been recruiting for the company since 2009 and every client that she has sent to the Women's Program has been hired. la;kjd;lkfjad 

I have been unemployed since the beginning of September when I resigned from my job in hopes to move to England. That went up in flames like a burning pile of shit. I still turn into a crumbling mess when I think about that horrid experience with all those rejected visas and lost dreams and wasted money. Dan and I were able to try and turn a super shitty thing into something good and went for a 5 1/2 week belated honeymoon around Europe (England three times, Ireland, Germany, Italy, France) so I didn't want to search for jobs before we left if I was going to be gone for that long period of a time.

I just really, REALLY want this job. The recruiter asked me where I pictured myself concerning my career in 3-5 years. I said, "I would hope to be at this same job, if [organization] will have me," and then went on to say how I knew that sounded cheesy but I've been building my career for this job since 2008.


Here's to hoping the next two interviews with this organization go well. God, if I could be employed by the New Year, that would be a-maze-ing.
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That request for positive entry I had back in mid-October worked!! I GOT THE JOB!!!! On Tuesday I start my position at a semi-supervised apartment facility for people who have severe and persisting mental illnesses (most often diagnosed with Schizophrenia). My job title will be Residential Program Manager. Doesn't that title just ROCK??

So here's to the start of the rest of my life! :D:D
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I have an interview on Thursday for an organization which could potentially jump-start my career, allow me to move out of my parent's house with my main squeeze, buy a much-needed new car, get amazing experience for future jobs, et cetera.

So, uh, positive energy, well-wishes, crossing of fingers, praying to the god(dess) of employment, or whatever you can send my way will be helpful. "My way" includes the Trenton area of New Jersey... in case you needed a focus. O_o Yeah, I sort of need this job.


Aug. 23rd, 2011 09:59 am
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Soooo I'm going to be missing the opening day of Doctor Who. I feel like I'm missing Christmas Day with my family, 'cept it's another really important day of the year with my online family.

Why am I missing it? I'm taking a (hopefully) six hour drive up to Boston to visit my sister who moved there 2 1/2 weeks ago. I'll be there Thursday-Sunday. My plan is to bring my lappy and download the episode on Saturday afternoon and watch it the ride back on Sunday... if I'm not being a rude car passenger.

I still feel the need to commemorate the restart of Matturday. Should I wear my "Procrastinate!" Dalek T-shirt or the Delorean running into the TARDIS T-shirt on Saturday?


Jun. 18th, 2011 12:05 am
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We should all still be watching Doctor Who. Split seasons are lame. )


Hum de dum

May. 4th, 2011 11:47 pm
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An IRL-heavy entry, though some Whovian business towards the bottom.

IRL grad school stuff )
Whovian goodness )

Hm, feeling kind of crummy. I blame watching The Little Princess that made me cry approximately 5 times. I'm not even hormonal or particularly sad. But that movie is SO. TRAGIC. Sure, happy ending, but still... to get there.
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Today is my six year anniversary. Long story short, I've been adding to a photo album each year with new pictures, descriptions, etc.

At the end of this year's section, I asked Dan if he could do something creative with the blank pages (write something sweet, draw something, whatever). He writes:

I want to be your Doctor for your whole life. You will be my companion I will never replace.

He knows the way to my nerdy heart.

Underneath the message he drew a red bow tie. I drew my first ever TARDIS. I will not subject you to those drawings.
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Copied from my Tumblr 'cause LiveJournal was on the fritz once again.

I don’t think I can go to NYC. Participants *have* to buy the Season 5 DVD Box Set and I already have it. Though there is light for those who haven’t yet bought it and are considering going to NYC for the DVD signing this Friday— the box set is 30% off. I e-mail Barnes & Nobles and found out this discouraging news. Straight from the horse’s mouth:

Event Guidelines

Customers are required to purchase Series 5 DVD boxed set at the event/store in order to receive a wristband

Each person in line must have a wristband

Limit 1 DVD Series 5 boxed set per customer

Series 5 DVD boxed set and other Doctor Who merchandise available at the cash registers starting 9AM

Line-up will be outside front entrance

With purchase of Series 5 DVD boxed set, cast will sign:
• ONE (1) piece of Doctor Who memorabilia

No posed photography

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As much as I'd LOOOOOVE to go to this, I would really prefer to do it with someone. Part of it is just companionship, but I'm thinking more practicality: I'm gonna be sitting in line for a VERY LONG TIME and I'm thinking things like spot savings for using the toilet and the like.

SOOOOO anyone want to meet up? :D
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I was in the mood to rewatch a Nu!Who episode, but I couldn't decide on one... I've been like this with food lately, too. I just wanted something magical and happy and possibly romantic (not food, the episode). I considered Human Nature, but that's a two parter whose second part I'm really not fond of. I also considered Vincent and the Doctor but that one really is heart breaking. Gah.


DW, lack of feminism, and IRL boring stuff. )


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I have my own personal rule that if someone in my family leaves themselves logged into Facebook on the "public" computer in the living room, I will bomb their status. Like, for my vegetarian sister... )

In other news: If I want to more or less stomp out spoilers for myself... should I stop using Tumblr?
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 When stalking myself on FB, I realized I never posted a picture of my completed Amelie costume! So! Without further ado:

Le Fabuleux Destin d'Amélie Poulain )

Not a perfect adaptation, but considering I only spent... maybe $30 on the whole costume (the majority being on the gnome), I'd say that's a pretty good deal. By the end of the night, thanks to my inebriated hostess, the gnome was broke in two. But hey, I think that's a sign of a good party... maybe. Ah, it was already broken by the time Amazon shipped it to me, so no heart ache there.

My friend is doing a fundraiser for cancer research. She is raising $500 (or however much she makes) and then, sometime in March, will be shaving her head. Anyone who donates over $5 is drawn a gift and after she breaks $500, anyone who donates over $10 is drawn a gift. I donated a week or so ago (and so can you!) and so she drew me this... It's a little freaky, but incredibly amusing:

Doctor Bunny )

Her comment on it was, "Before I even started, the unanimous decision seemed to be that if I were to draw the 11th Doctor as a bunny, it had to be a floppy bunny." OH SO TRUE. 
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Yesterday was the Whovian meet up that I started to plan the end of December. I sent out invites a few times and got about eight people who responded that were interested. Long story short, only [livejournal.com profile] badluck97 and my Dad (who has been watching the show since it came over to the States and introduced it to me last year) was able to make it out. Thankfully the company made for great conversation. :)
It took place at Monk's Cafe, a small but VERY well-stocked Belgian bar. A bit after 6:00, we parted ways. I feel like it was a success, even if it were a small one. I think I'll plan for another when the weather gets warmer and maybe some place different. I could see how a small, low-lighted bar setting may have dissuaded some people from meeting others online.
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WHAAAA????!!!! I could get the WHOLE FIRST SEASON of Party Animals for £6.99!!

Then there's the matter of A Christmas Carol DVD... and Christopher And His Kind... and... and... Where did Amy Pond's Flesh and Stone sweater go? Damnit, I think I missed my chance with that one.

Either way, for these reasons and other, more boring IRL reasons, I need to get that loan reimbursement asap. C'mon, grad school, don't let me down, Mamma's gota feed her unhealthy habits.
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I am one of those lucky and proud individuals who is in a long-term, monogamous relationship with a ginger. This ginger of mine hasn't cut his hair since the end of August.
I've always been a fan of his short hair, particularly when it got to that length where hair product in it made it look OH so good. But since coming back from his semester abroad, he's talking about keeping it long. At first I was opposed but as the days went on, some ideas started to form... This was a recent conversation of ours:

Dan: Should I put my hair behind my ears or over my ears?
Me: Over. *pause* You do realize that I will be styling your hair like Matt Smith's?
Dan: These things happen.

I love him. Srsly. When it gets to that epic stage, I'll share a picture so we can imagine what the Doctor would be like if he were finally a ginger.


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