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 When stalking myself on FB, I realized I never posted a picture of my completed Amelie costume! So! Without further ado:

Le Fabuleux Destin d'Amélie Poulain )

Not a perfect adaptation, but considering I only spent... maybe $30 on the whole costume (the majority being on the gnome), I'd say that's a pretty good deal. By the end of the night, thanks to my inebriated hostess, the gnome was broke in two. But hey, I think that's a sign of a good party... maybe. Ah, it was already broken by the time Amazon shipped it to me, so no heart ache there.

My friend is doing a fundraiser for cancer research. She is raising $500 (or however much she makes) and then, sometime in March, will be shaving her head. Anyone who donates over $5 is drawn a gift and after she breaks $500, anyone who donates over $10 is drawn a gift. I donated a week or so ago (and so can you!) and so she drew me this... It's a little freaky, but incredibly amusing:

Doctor Bunny )

Her comment on it was, "Before I even started, the unanimous decision seemed to be that if I were to draw the 11th Doctor as a bunny, it had to be a floppy bunny." OH SO TRUE. 
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Today I cut my hair (over three inches!) partially for my upcoming trip to Italy and partially for my Halloween costume. The gnome came last night from Amazon. In two pieces, mind you, but nothing some glue couldn't fix. So I bring you a sneak peek to my Halloween costume which I am quite proud of.
Click for sneak peek picture. )

Doctor Who related news, I found out an old co-worker of mine just finished Nine and will be starting on Ten. I nearly squeeled out loud to this-- we're about the same spot! Coincidentally, I ran into him today after I chopped the locks and he seemed open with watching it together. I gave him fair warning that I am quite obsessed but he seemed pretty game. He's a nerd like me so it should be good. Plus his first and last name is a very famous sneaker which Ten is particularly fond of...
Leave for Italy tomorrow!!!
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First off: Aliens of London. I think I saw the beginnings of the episode before... )

So, we come to World War Three.
Not as many notes for this one, however... )

In other unrelated Doctor Who news, I'm starting to plan my Halloween costume. I'm going to be Amélie for Halloween:
If you haven't seen the movie... )



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