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I found out that my best friend's mother reads the Doctor Who comics. And she has every single one released for at least Eleventy's era. I'm pretty sure she has any other available from at least Nu!Who. Not sure how much she was into Classic!Who... So I'm borrowing the comics from her. I read the Fairy Tale ones and thought them a bit "meh." The art was so-so and there were some over-played jokes (I'm having deja vu, did I already write about this?) so I had low expectations for the rest of the series.

I read the actual first comic on Wednesday and Loved. It. Like, I kinda want to go back and read it again. It was cleverly done and very relevant to our day and age (so probably will be out-dated in a few years), and was drawn a bit better. Plus there weren't any over-used jokes in that one. My only gripe is that Rory wasn't nearly as handsome as he is show (I specify "Rory" 'cause I find Arthur much hotter than the character he plays).

Anywho, off to my soul-sucking, exhausting, non-stop job. Yay, real world...
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I asked on Tumblr but I'll probably get more responses here... What program should I use/do you use to make fanvideos? There's a couple ideas that refuse to leave me.
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I can't remember if I've gone out of my way to say thank you to everyone who has written reviews, reported the user and the stories, and just been supportive through all of this. So I just wanted... to say... I love you! Wait, no, well, actually yes, but thank you. :)

As presents, I have uploaded various images that I have either a) screen capped myself or b) stolen from the interwebs. They are presented without comment for your complete viewing pleasure. I call it: The Picspam of Unforgivable Sexual Frustration. Apologies for the lack of Alex and Arthur.
Cut for pics )
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It's a little pathetic how excited I am for new Who material. First we get the Children in Need minisode on Friday and then early next week, all those minisodes on the DVD box set. I haven't pre-ordered it so I'm counting on internet to post it ASAP!

I got a funny feeling I'm going to be squeeling and flailing. The end of S6 feels like SO LONG ago.


Nov. 9th, 2011 10:47 pm
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I've been watching a few episodes of Bones with my Dad recently. One channel will play three or four in a row a few nights a week and I've become quite drawn to them. Of course I ship Bones and Booth like everyone else watching the show, but there is one character that I am particularly intrigued with...

Sweets. The psychologist. Maybe it's 'cause of the field I'm in or his slight nerdiness or his similar in age to me or his high level of intelligence or SOMETHING. But I find his character extremely attractive. 

So naturally I go and look for fanfic. Don't really care what about. Out of 17,000 some-odd fanfics on FF.net, a page and a half feature Sweets (most of which featuring him with a character I didn't consider shipping him with and--no.). I then go to LiveJournal. Yeah, got like two tags for his character.

Wth. I just wana read some PWP with him talking all science-y. Is that too much to ask?
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So I wrote a paragraph of a new fanfic. It's pretty hot and steamy, if I do say so myself. But that's all I have. This one paragraph. And I really don't want to go any further without having the build up. Sure, it could be an honest-to-goodness PWP, but I like a set up, ya know?

So help me, Friends List. How do Amy and the Doctor wind up lying down next to each other? Does the Doctor sneak into her room? And if he does, why does he? Do they collapse after running away from XYZ scaring alien? I need something!

To help entice you, here is the paragraph:

Cut for the innocent. HAHAHHAHA )
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That request for positive entry I had back in mid-October worked!! I GOT THE JOB!!!! On Tuesday I start my position at a semi-supervised apartment facility for people who have severe and persisting mental illnesses (most often diagnosed with Schizophrenia). My job title will be Residential Program Manager. Doesn't that title just ROCK??

So here's to the start of the rest of my life! :D:D
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It's making it's way through Facebook now. Yes, I've perpetuated the spamming of it and reposted it on my own wall.

Goddamn, I love this fandom. People who don't even like Doctor Who are reposting it.
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....What midterm that's due Tuesday? *shifty eyes*

A while back on Tumblr, I posted a prompt from an image (forget which one it was now) that someone write what the Doctor was thinking while he was inside the Tesslecta, laying "dead" on the beach. Someone did fill it and it was a good fill, but I wanted more angst so I tried my hand at it. I'm not terribly good at angst 'cause I'm more of an optimistic person (IF YA COULDN'T TELL) soooo let me know if I can elaborate anywhere to tug at those heart strings a bit more. Un-beta'd. Barely proofread.

If anyone else wants to tackle this prompt, 'cause I think it's a good one, feel free!

This is not happening. )
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Pairing: Amy/11. Not sure where this may fit in cannon. Could be cannon-compliant in S5, I suppose if you wana be picky.
Summary: The Doctor needs to see a man about a horse. Funny, fluffy, and everything is Amy/11 and nothing hurts.
A/N: Got inspired by this last night when trying to sleep when the heat hadn't been turned on yet. If you're put off by my bad joke in the beginning, just keep reading. It's all soon forgotten for fluffy times. This is also un-beta'd, not proof-read, or any of that normal nonsense.

It was hard to tell which way was up but suddenly it was okay she was so disoriented. The Doctor will let her fly but he could always keep her grounded. )
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And it had me laughing on the drive home from work. But I found out that I have to work tomorrow which was the day I was going to work on my midterm. This means I can't write my fic and have to do school work instead. D:D:

What if my muse escapes me??
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I have an interview on Thursday for an organization which could potentially jump-start my career, allow me to move out of my parent's house with my main squeeze, buy a much-needed new car, get amazing experience for future jobs, et cetera.

So, uh, positive energy, well-wishes, crossing of fingers, praying to the god(dess) of employment, or whatever you can send my way will be helpful. "My way" includes the Trenton area of New Jersey... in case you needed a focus. O_o Yeah, I sort of need this job.
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After the suggestion of [livejournal.com profile] themuslimbarbie, I watched my first Seven serial, "Remembrance of the Daleks." I'm not sure how tickled I am with Seven, though I do really like Ace. Maybe it'll just take some time for me like him more. And now, recap:

clicky clicky )
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Exactly what's in the tin.

Also, I notice there's been more 11/River being written lately. Which is good, 'cause I've been hankering to read more 11/River.

Maybe I should watch more Classic!Who. I'd like to see the movie.
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O god o god, how do I work this thing... 46 messages in my inbox? Gah!! I just want LJ back... D:

The good news is that I have pretty icons to play with over here. :D
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A new young lass/lad just introduced themselves over on [livejournal.com profile] doctorwho. A bit into a thread, they go, "Just answer me this, because it's starting to kinda annoy me: who the heck is river song supposed to be?"

AND I LAAAAUUUUGGGHED. And then responded, "Spoilers... :D"

Nerding IRL

Oct. 3rd, 2011 06:09 pm
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I had a customer today whose name was Katharine Tate. I shit you not. I don't care if it's a common name, I still went, "a-whuuu??"
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The same exact one. I can only assume it's not the same author, but who knows. Seems like it's a new account. If you want to support me again, I'd appreciate it. If not, I understand.


I've gone straight to reporting the user. After it is removed, I will be taking down my account. It super sucks but I can't keep doing this.

EDIT- This person only accepts reviews with those who have accounts. What you can do, however, is at the bottom of the page is a drop down menu of "favoriting" and also "Report Possible Abuse." I don't believe you have to be signed in to do that. Or you could send a PM anonymously, I believe.


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