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[personal profile] whovianmuse and I have started a new kink_meme for Fox's Sleepy Hollow over at LiveJournal. DW has one but it's not very active. Hopefully ours will get a bit more traffic.

Check it out.

In other news, I watched all of the Sherlocks and ended up providing the episode to about seven people on average for each episode. hehe I am the fandom dealer! Although I loved the first two-- they made me laugh and cringe in embarrassment sympathy in all the right places, I agreed with some of my other family & friends that said that the series appeared to be taking a different angle than the previous two-- more emphasis on the relationships and less emphasis on the mysteries. While I loved scenes like the stag night as much as the next person, I was concerned that the writers were getting away from the original premise that turned people onto the show: Not only the mysteries, but the human dynamic that Watson brings to Sherlock. After a lot of discussions and trains of thoughts that I don't feel like repeating here, I was very happy to watch the finale. I definitely felt Moffucked by the end of it and still need to rewatch it to catch the bits that I missed, but I felt it was exceptionally well done. There were so many moments of, "HA. WELP. DIDN'T SEE THAT ONE COMING" and I was eating it up.

As one might assume, I've also been really into Sleepy Hollow. I was hooked since the first episode and have engrossed in the fandom-- even started writing my first fic in ages! That being said, I also TOTALLY forgot it aired last Monday until the episode already finished. Damn you, five-week hiatuses! You screwed up my schedule! And then I went and made plans with a friend next Monday night which is the two-hour special. Ack. =/ Ah, well. I'll watch it either that night or the next morning.
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