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 I think I meant to post this entry, oh, I dunno, six months ago. But this has been a crazy year and so here are those pictures finally. We had a theme of traveling (so passport lookalike invitations, flowers made out atlas pages, place cards that looked like postcards, etc) and our colors were red and yellow. My look that day was somewhat inspired by Amy's wedding dress (wore my red apple necklace and had red shoes).

My TARDIS skin cover on my phone. Okay, not directly related to my wedding, but my photographer liked it enough to get a picture of it. Thing is, he doesn't even like Doctor Who...

Ignore my skinny, skinny thigh and that scar on my knee that I've had since I was like, eight, and focus on how I chose a multiple-meaning for my garter belt: Yes, it's my Something Blue, as well, but it it was also that wedding saying that brought the Doctor and his TARDIS back on the day of Amy's wedding! Huzzah!

Dan was happy to rid me of the garter belt. I had to make sure that SOME of my decency was intact the way he dove underneath my dress. Srsly, Dan, we got family members watching us...

We went the alternative route and did cupcakes instead of a cake. If you look very, very closely at our topper...

Yup, that's a TARDIS and bow tie on the suitcase. My good friend made this for us. Also, for those who are outside of the US looking at these pictures, our wedding date is 4 April, but we label our dates stupidly.

Aaaand just for shits and giggles, my favorite picture from that day. No Who reference, just warm fuzziness.



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