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Had this idea playing around in my head for a while. It's a time-sensitive idea, based on a spoiler circling around about the end of the Christmas special (TO BE SHOWN IN LESS THAN TWENTY-FOUR HORUSOAL;LKFJALD) so I knew I had to punch it out soon before cannon corrected me.

Summary: The Doctor visits the Ponds after his adventure with Marge and her kids. OT3 goodness, cannon pairings.

The TARDIS door creaked as he pulled it inward. In front of the Doctor’s eyes as a very similar blue-coloured door, leading to a whole new world; a world he wasn’t a part of. He stepped out of his comfort zone and took long strides to the door. Without thinking, his hand reached out to the golden door knob and almost as quickly, he retracted his hand.

What was he going to say? What should his facial expression be? What should his emotions be? He suspected a positive one, generally… perhaps “happy”. But as far as he knew, she thought him dead. So maybe “apologetic”? Maybe… “open”? Was “open” a feeling? No, that’s rubbish. How about “sheepish”? He could be sheeplishy happy.

His hand reached out again for the knob and pulled his arm right back to his chest. Words. He needed appropriate words. “Sorry for making you believe I was dead”? Maybe he could start out with a greeting. Like “Merry Christmas!” and then apologize. Greetings were good. Manners should always be considered.

Yes. So. Sheeplishy happy with a greeting.

His hand reached for the door knob again, rethought that move, and knocked on the door instead. Within moments the door swung open and all he saw was a ridiculous amount of red hair as Amy shouted over her shoulder, “I got it!”

When her head whipped back around, he saw her face change from that generally neutral-positive face to surprise to happy all within a split second. He nearly forgot how beautiful his impossible Amelia Pond was.

And in that moment he was at a loss for words. Planning was rubbish, forget planning.

“Amelia Pond,” he said with a watery grin spreading over his face.

Suddenly she threw herself at him and knocked him back a step in the tightest hug he had experienced in a very, very long time. It was all ginger hair and fruity shampoo scent and the feel of her fleece jumper as he hugged her back. With such jarring clarity, he couldn’t recall for the life of him why he ever wanted to let her go. Why would he ever want to let this woman out of his sight?

And the noise that simultaneously crushed and shattered his hearts quickly reminded him why he did. Her shoulders shaking slightly like she was trying to hold back the sob building up in her throat, but it was there. She was crying. He died. Or so she thought he did, as did the universe.

She pushed herself out of his hug and pushed him again for good measure.

“I thought you were dead! I saw you die! River killed you! You’re supposed to be--” Her rage was cut short by a hiccup as she hugged herself and tears poured from her eyes.

“Amy, I--”

“Doctor!” Rory’s head came from behind his wife. Rory gently nudged Amy aside to hug the Doctor and clapped him on the back twice.

The Doctor could barely keep track of his emotions. Happy, guilty, sad, happy again… This was becoming exhausting.

Rory pulled away from the Doctor with a beaming grin on his face, happy as a clam to see his best friend again. “I know River said a good few months back that you were able to cheat your way out of that whole astronaut business, but to see you here! It’s the best Christmas miracle we could ask for.”

The Doctor glanced at Amy. She was fiddling with the garland around the door. She knew he was alive. She needed to be upset. She was still upset, even months later. He felt a warm feeling spread through his toes.

Amy glanced over at him, a blush creeping up her ears. He smiled at her. She gave a small smile back.

“Come inside, Doctor!” Rory ushered him through the doorway. “We’re not expecting River to stop by any time soon, but with you here, maybe there’s a better chance she’ll make a visit. Amy was just bringing out the turkey and mash; we’d love you to stay for dinner.”

As the door closed to the Pond home, Rory swung an arm around both Amy and the Doctor. Maybe it wouldn’t be the best Christmas ever, but it would certainly be a very good one.


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