Dec. 18th, 2011 09:07 pm
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I'm kind of excited to have this paid account for the next week or so. It means more icons which are full of the win (do people still say that?). It is throwing off my Friends' page scrolling though; I expect my mouse to scroll down farther with the ad at the end and it never comes, making me think my computer has frozen EVERY SINGLE TIME.

Christmas is in full swing at my house. I've actually got into the Christmas spirit this year-- a change from the last seven years when I've been stressing out with finals & etc. Which is nice. It's also nice that I have more money to spend on Christmas gifts this year, thank you adult job.

In related news, SEVEN MOAR DAAAAYYYSSS. And then another week until SHERLOCK COMES BACK ALKDJFLAKDJF;LAKJD. I've been keeping myself busy in the meantime with Once Upon A Time (an American fairy tale show) and I just finished series 1 of Downton Abbey. LOVED it. I will be buying series 2 after the New Year. I have The Sally Lockheart Mysteries lined up for me, as well.

I've also been working a bit with [livejournal.com profile] themuslimbarbieon a new project... not too sure how much I should talk about it until we do the official release, but I'm pretty stoked.

I have a couple fic ideas in the back of my head (four to be exact) so I think I might brew on them before I start writing again. Not too sure which one I should start on, but I think my time-sensitive Christmas fic should have priority.

ermmmm yeah, that's it.


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